How PunchBugg Aims to Fulfill Errands and Foster New Relationships Within PA Communities

PunchBugg is a new app aimed at fulfilling errands and sparking relationships within PA communities. How? By connecting Customers, or those with chores that they need help fulfilling, with Vendors, or the ‘vendors’ who offer their services for appropriate compensation, PunchBugg aims to make lives easier while allowing freelance Vendors to earn cash on a schedule of their own choosing.

PunchBugg offers a lot of awesome services, and beyond errand fulfillment, PunchBugg aims to bring members of the community together through service, and spark relationships that may not have otherwise been made.

For Customers: sometimes you just don’t have the time to pick up the laundry or feed the pets. These chores are exactly the types of things PunchBugg can assist you with! Let’s start with some of the services that PunchBugg provides.

Services Offered

  • Household Chores

PunchBugg connects willing parties with busy seniors and adults who need help running errands during the workday. From child care – anything from pick ups and drop offs to babysitting – to more organizational tasks, PunchBugg has you covered. If you are working long hours and can’t pick up and fold the laundry, or don’t have the time or bandwidth to do essential house cleaning, then PunchBugg can match you with an eager Vendor who can provide help.

  • Simple Errands

Through PunchBugg, you can enlist the help of a Vendor to help you do grocery shopping, pick up dry-cleaning, send packages or letters at the post office, and more. For Vendors: if you have the free time to run these errands, you can list availability in your schedule and complete these errands at whatever pace works for you!

  • Pet Care

If you have a pet, a Customer can help you walk your pet (if it’s a dog), look after a pet if it must be attended to, drive a pet to the vet, or even help your pet get exercise! Whether it be feeding, in-home care, or watching the pet for a longer vacation, PunchBugg can help you enlist the help of a Vendor in your immediate community.

  • Yard Work

PunchBugg can help you fulfill yardwork like lawn-mowing, leaf-raking, tree and flower planting, pet waste removal, and so forth! PunchBugg doesn’t offer the advanced services of a botanist or garden-designer, but PunchBugg does help you get help with simple, time-consuming chores.

  • Senior Service

If you need help keeping an eye on a senior family member, PunchBugg Vendors are happy to help. Senior services can even extend to pick up and drop off, cleaning assistance, and providing company during walks.

  • Geography

 So where does PunchBugg operate, and what regions in PA does the app serve?

PunchBugg is starting its services from:-

Emmaus 18049
Macungie 18062
Alburtis 18011
Wescosville 18106
Center Valley 18034
Coopersburg 18036
South Whitehall 18052
Allentown (south near Emmaus) 18102, 18103, 18104
East Texas 18046
Bethlehem 18015, 18016, 18017,
18018, 18020, 18025
Easton 18040, 18042, 18045



By alleviating the daily burden of ‘to-dos’, particularly for busy working parents and workers, PunchBugg provides the gift and relief of time while compensating those who are looking to make a dollar at their own pace. 

And more than just running errands, PunchBugg allows community members across generations to reach out and help each other. 

PunchBugg aims to transform lives by connecting neighbors organically, based on each party’s needs. Our vision for a post-pandemic community that is healing through service. And that’s why we place an emphasis on transparent vendor services.

How do you make money with PunchBugg? PunchBugg offers a payment system through their app, which allows Customers to supplement their income (on their own schedule) while serving busy families and elders in their community.


Why Choose PunchBugg?

Post-Covid, we all need some help – regardless if that means help with errands or help earning income. PunchBugg is more than just an errand-fulfillment app: it’s a stimulator of social engagement. It aims to bring together community-members in PA across generations and cultural backgrounds, with fair practices and mutual respect at the heart of every chore fulfilled.

If you are interested in learning more or getting involved, be sure to download the PunchBugg app!